On the heels of her sophomore album, Jet Engines, award-winning singer-songwriter Amy McCarley will be among the featured artists playing at EarleFest, A Celebration of Americana Music.


The event, held on the beautiful grounds of the Earl Baum Center of the Blind, is a great fit for McCarley, whose voice No Depression dubbed “a nuanced instrument best paired with a strong lyrical hook…” She will be backed by the Sonoma County-based Kevin Russell Band. For information:


Going back to the topic of lyrical hooks, boy, can she ever write one. Uniquely relatable, her songs are embraced by Americana fans across the country. McCarley was named an “Artist to Watch” in her native North Alabama (The Huntsville Times, 2012), and she earned an honorable mention in a recent American Songwriter’s Lyric-Only Contest for “Everybody Wants To.”


Voted among the best songs of 2013 (The Huntsville Times), “Everybody Wants To” resonates with listeners where they are – no matter their situation. “I’m not everybody, I’m just me,” McCarley sings, her candid contralto held firmly in check. “Everybody needs something to lean on, and everybody is no different from me.”


Beyond thought-provoking lyrics and melody, as conveyed in Jet Engines highlights “Smart Man” and “Hands Tied,” McCarley delivers skilled musicianship and stage presence to spare. She has performed with heavy hitters like Kevin Gordon, Kim Richey and ultra-cool Grammy-winning guitarist and Jet Engines co-producer Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives).


This September, McCarley will showcase at the Kevin Gordon Family Wash show in Nashville during the Americana Music Festival, playing with a full band featuring noted guitarist John Jackson (Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynne). She will play several shows leading up to the Sept. 26 performance at EarleFest, which has become California’s premier Americana celebration.







“These things don’t happen all that often – it’s always a surprise, a very pleasant one, when you immediately feel connected to the songs, the arrangements and the artist. That happened to me when I first heard Amy McCarley. [She’s] taking you on a musical journey you’ll most likely never forget!”

— Bill Bowker, Music Director KRSH 95.9FM Santa Rosa, CA


“McCarley’s sound is all her own, and her latest album Jet Engines showcases an artist firmly grounded in Americana, yet well-poised to make an individual statement. Roots guitar fans will immediately be draw to the production imprint of Kenny Vaughan … Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives … leads a rock-solid band, and tasty blues-meets country riffs abound. However, it’s Amy’s songwriting that commands the stage. Her voice is a nuanced instrument best paired with a strong lyrical hook, evidenced by honky tonk gems “Here I Am” and “Radio On,” hard-driving, foot-tapping tunes with country soul that puts the current Nashville radio crop to shame.”

— No Depression


“Amy McCarley has released an excellent sophomore album. It will hopefully receive some deserved airplay and give her some exposure. Jet Engines is worth the price of admission.”               

— Cashbox Music Review


“The new release continues solidifying Amy’s talents as one of the undiscovered gems of country music. The gentle sway of “Everybody Wants To” and the upbeat “Here I Am” showcases her diversity in her songwriting, while maintaining her country roots. She displays her crooner swing with “Radio On,” before pouring her heart into the ballad “Smart Man.”

— JP’s Music Blog


“Listening to alt-country singer Amy McCarley’s snapshot-like sophomore album Jet Engines, you feel like you’re in the room as the music is being recorded ... live-in-the-studio … captured in natural yet mountain-stream-clear tones … relatable songs … makes you think about you and your life as much as the person singing.”

— Huntsville Times


“Jet Engines is an enjoyable listen throughout — plenty of roots, rockabilly and country as well as McCarley’s very distinctive voice.”

— My


“There must be something in the air or water again in northern Alabama. Home to the legendary Fame studio in Muscle Shoals … this part of the country is breeding future stars again ... Alabama Shakes … St. Paul and the Broken Bones … homegrown artists inspired by the local musical history. … The latest artist to cross my playlist is Amy McCarley. Instead of horns and soul influences you might expect, though, McCarley dives into some classic country and alt country music with a hint of the delta blues from nearby Mississippi… I can’t help but believe you’re going to hear her songs covered by other artists. And bringing even more cred to a part of the country already renowned for its musical heritage. ”



“Jet Engines” picked Alt Root Top 10 Songs of the Week 6/11/14; “Amy McCarley’s inner-motor is rumbling and ready to go.”

— The Alternate Root





  ON AMY'S 2011 DEBUT...


"The whole package: a real live southern songwriter with a unique sound and gorgeous voice in every sense of the word. Amy McCarley is perhaps

the best new female Americana artist you've never heard. Raw; transcendent. Not to be missed."

Mark Mason, Director of Writer Publisher Relations BMI Nashville


"It's one thing to sound great on your record. It's another thing to pull it off live. Amy and her band do both. They are genuine and have soul ...

important intangibles few can claim. Live or alone in the studio, Amy delivers good music."

Brett Tannehill, Program Director WLRH 89.3 FM Huntsville AL


"This is a warm, organic, natural, fully realized and very well put together sounding record that sounds like Amy McCarley: her voice, her spirit, her direction. When she sings in that low deep dark honey register, that's good stuff right there. Her voice sounds traveled, elastic, and evokes a lot of different emotions. Very impressed with her album. I love it."

-Brad Posey, The Invisible City WLRH 89.3 FM Huntsville AL


"Amy does a great job with her music. It speaks from the heart with an earthy realness that today's mass produced media lacks."

-Nate Emery, Huntsville's Home Brew WTAK 106.1 FM Clear Channel Huntsville AL


"Amy McCarley is unmistakably genuine. Her energy on stage matches her ability to portray real life emotions in her songs. She is a Huntsville treasure."

-Evan Billiter, Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment Events Coordinator Huntsville, AL


"She put this album together all by herself ... plays everything ... self-produced, self-released, self everything... and it's turned out rather well."

-Iain Anderson, The Iain Anderson Show BBC Radio Scotland


"The combination of her killing voice and of this very unique sound makes this CD a real musical gem...I particularly love the song Long Way Home

...and beyond that, all her music sounds true."

-Mike Penard, American Roots Music Show ISA Radio France


“[Amy] has a voice … which is engagingly natural and organic as she brings life-worn cares and emotions to her songs… [She also] totally owns a cover of [Gillian] Welch’s Look At Miss Ohio.”

-Mike Davies, London - read the full review


“There is an honesty at the heart of this album that feels like you're hearing this person's truth. It feels real, which in these days of polished

manufactured music is something to admire. It's directness, from artist to listener, should be applauded. This is Amy McCarley as she wants to be

heard without any outside influences. …a strong individual making her music, her way. “ - read the full review


"What makes this debut primarily exceptional, is the fact that she plays all the instruments herself. You wouldn't expect such a raw and organic sound resulting from layering tracks. McCarley (vocals, guitars, drums, keys, mouthharp) writes songs in which she balances between surrender and independence."

-John Gjaltema, Netherlands - read the full review


"The songs on this solo album have been kept simple, which makes them intriguing, grabbing and holding the attention of the listener.

Amy McCarley pays a lot of attention on her lyrics as she makes true poetry."

-Freddy Celis, Belgium - read the full review


"An interesting and distinctive voice…. with words that sparkle and delight… hum with poetry and beauty… Keep an eye out for this new talent."

-Seamus Doran, England - read the full review